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How to play and dominate Beer Pong

How to play and dominate Beer Pong

How to play and dominate Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most popular fun drinking games where players are intended to land the ping pong ball in the opposite team’s cup by throwing it on the table. If the ball lands in the cup, the opposite team has to drink the beer in that cup and remove it from the table. Both teams will take their turns shooting balls until one of them is successful in eliminating all of their opponent’s cups. To win a Beer Pong game, one team needs to remove all the cups of the opposing team. The object of the game is to remove the beer cups of the opposite team before they can eliminate yours. Here is how to play Beer Pong Game. 

History of Beer Pong Drinking Game

It is said that the game was originally invented at Dartmouth College between 1950 and 1960, and unsurprisingly the exact origin and date of its invention is not clear. Seemingly, students left beer cups on the ping pong table while playing the game and players start targeting cups. Originally beer pong game was played with paddles but fraternity brothers at Lehigh University changed it to “throw pong." In the United States, somewhere in the 1980s, the Beer Pong game change to no net or paddles, and the name Beer Pong was accepted.

How to play beer pong game

How to play beer pong game

What you will need to play

  • Two teams
  • 22 plastic cups
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Any beer as per your choice, but preferably not the finest craft brew
  • Beer Pong table i.e. 8-foot long rectangular table or DIY beer pong table

Beer Pong table size and design

Beer pong table size should be 8 feet long with a surface area of 8' x 2'. Beer pong tables are available in different designs that you can choose according to your preferences. Beer Pong tables are usually lightweight and come with an easy to clean surface.

Beer Pong Setup

Choose teams: A beer Pong tournament is usually played with two teams having 2 players; however, it is up to your choice to add as many players to each team. Decide team members and just take turns throwing ping pong balls.

Arrange plastic cups: Place 10 plastic cups on each side of the table in a triangular or pyramid-like shape. Now add beer in each cup with your desired amount that you want to drink. Usually, 2 beer cans are used to fill up 10 cups and the same setup is repeated on the other side for the opposite team. Fill 2 plastic glasses with water for rinsing.

Decide which team will start: To decide this, one player from each team will throw the ball while keeping eye contact with their rival throughout the shot. If both players make it or miss it, their other team members will throw next. Keep on doing this until one member of a team make it and their opponent fail to do it. The game will start, once the starting team has been decided.

Beer Pong Gameplay

Both ping pong balls will be kept by the starting team. Both members from one team will take their turn throwing each ping pong ball to the opponent’s beer cups. If the ball sunk into the beer, the other team has to drink the beer and remove the cup from the table. You can bounce or throw directly the ping pong ball to the beer cups (details discussed in a later section). In the same way, the game continues until one team successfully removes all the cups. To win the game, one team has to remove all the cups from the opposite team.


Each team will shoot twice per turn i.e. each player throwing one ping pong ball. If both players got their balls sunk into the beer, throwbacks are given i.e. the team will receive another turn.


The ping pong ball can be either tossed or bounced into the beer cups. When the tossed ball sinks into the cup, it will be worth one cup i.e. the one it lands in. On the other hand, if the bounced ball sinks into a cup, it would worth two cups i.e. the one in which it lands and another from the table. The opponent team can block a bounced shot after the ball hits the table, while tossed balls can’t be defended.

House Rules of Beer Pong

There are many diverse Beer Pong rules that you can add to your game. Probably, you will learn a different rule every time you play the Beer Pong game. Here are some rules of the Beer Pong game:

Elbow or Wrists Rule

Usually, it is a tacit rule at house parties that is not told until someone breaks it. While throwing the ball, players must not have their elbow ahead of the table edge. While playing with a wrist rule, the wrist of players must stay behind the edge of the table. If this rule is violated, the shot will not count.

Re-Racking and formation

In each Beer Pong tournament, both teams can request to rearrange the cups two times before starting their turn at almost any stage. This is called re-racking, reforming, or racking. According to the standard Beer Pong rule, one re-rack occurs when 6 cups remain in the pyramid and the other when 3 or 2 cups remain.

In case you started with 6 cups, there will be only 1 re-rack allowed per team, per Beer Pong tournament. However, when you are shooting throwbacks, you can’t ask for re-rack. Also, re-rack is not allowed during the redemption round.

Bouncing or Swatting

Bouncing is when the ball hits the table before landing into the cup and it will remove 2 cups from the pyramid. If only 2 cups are left in the pyramid, the bounce will worth a single cup. It is a good rule as it helps speed up the game and keeps you focused.

Blowing or Fingering

When a player from one team throws a ball and while it spins inside the cup, the opposing team member pulls it out using his or her finger, it is known as fingering. Whereas blowing is when the ping pong ball is rotating inside the cup and the opposing team blows it out. Blowing or fingering will not count if this rule is not specified at the start of the game.


An explosion occurs when each player of one team shot their ball in the same beer cup. It results in removing all the cups touching that cup that was sunk. Another variation is the removal of only 3 cups i.e. one that was suck and 2 others chosen by the opponent team.


Once shot, if the ping pong ball comes back to the person throwing it without touching the floor, the shooter can grab it and throw it again behind the back. If the shot is made, it counts q cup.

Death Cup

If a player of the defending team is drinking beer from the earlier turn, you are allowed to shot the ball into their cut when they are still holding it. If you successfully do it, your team will win the tournament and the other team has to finish all the beer left on the table.


Even after the last beer cup is shot, the players from the losing team will have one chance to shoot the remaining cups. All players will keep throwing the ball until they miss the shot. They can also use racks if any left behind. If the players miss, before all the cups are removed, the game will be over. If the team successfully hits all the cups then the beer pong game moves to 3 cups overtime.


When the game goes into overtime, both teams set up 3 beer cups on the table in a triangular shape and that team will shoot first who force the game into overtime. This part of the game is played just like a normal game but without re-racks. The game can go to double or triple overtime if necessary until one of both teams win.

How to dominate and win the Beer Pong game?

How to dominate and win the Beer Pong game?

Carefully choose your teammate: Be careful while selecting your partner, do it after recognizing the qualities that you don’t have. You can do it by watching others playing games and finding a perfect match.

Perfect your aim: Always begin working on the front beer cups and then move towards the back cups. Targeting the nearby beer cups is always easy and the farther cups will come closer when they are re-racked.

Work your angles: Try to improve your angles and check which angle works best for you. Head a little right or left and check where the shot percentage gets better. It would greatly help when cups are placed in a straight line.

Practice: You need to practice your shot techniques at home to gain perfection. You will see betterment when you play next time.

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