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Orders over $50 ship for free >>> Learn more

Corks - 1 3/4" Grade 3 Plus (1000ct)


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Superior cork quality without Grade 1 or 2 pricing!

These corks are identical to our standard Grade 3 cork product (W431), except that they have been sorted to a higher standard (US sorting). Our standard Grade 3 corks are assembled through what is called an "AC" sorting, the standard sorting and grading procedure for our cork supplier. To generate a "US" sorting, a standard lot of AC-sorted Grade 3 corks is re-sorted to remove the lowest quality 12% of the lot. As a result, this bag of corks is of generally higher quality and has less variation between the highest and lowest quality cork in the package. This package represents a higher level of quality without the huge jump in price that you would have to pay to move to Grade 2 or Grade 1 corks.
ORDER PROCESSING & SHIPPING: Please allow 1- 3 days for the order process and an additional 3 - 5 days for delivery depending on your location.